Geological formations have always been a heavy influence to this nature obsessed artist. Her lure into the world of rock collections, the slicing of precious stones to obtain the best optical effects and her intrigue in unique individual specimens assisted the development of Samantha’s exquisite glass collections.

Samantha has many associated interests, including ‘Stratigraphy’, the study of multi-layered and multi-coloured rock layering. Deposition of one layer being separated from the next by clear intervals or changes in texture, colour and mineralogy. Layers merging with one another, creating mysterious unclear boundaries.

Through exploration and determination in the workshop, Donaldson’s cold work techniques allowed her to slice through large blown glass forms, bringing them to life. She thrills to see the freshly exposed interior, revealing captured moments of her unique sculptures formation.

Samantha has most recently been investigating the seductive distortion of light, meandering through her colours, forms and transparency.

Now, a newly wed, Mummy to young Theodore and Bluebelle and practicing creative entrepreneur. Samantha looks forward to working on exciting projects, creating stunning new pieces and transforming bespoke enquiries.

“I am drawn to my sculptures like they are living beings still.
The amorphous sculpture with it’s internal colours, is aesthetically beautiful. It constantly changes in the sunlight. I find it both uplifting and beautiful to live with.” 

Interior Designer, Hazel Collins

Credit and thanks to Vessel Gallery and photographer Ester Segarra for permission to use their amazing photographs.